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Race and Gender Rebuttal

For anyone outraged by Clinton supporter Gloria Steinem's opinion piece in the NYTimes last week arguing that Hilary, as a woman, had a harder road to the White House than Barack, simply a Black man, really must check out the video clip. Princeton U. professor Melissa Harris Lacewell takes Ms. Steinem to task on Democracy Now; rarely have I seen someone's so thoroughly and expertly taken apart. Ms.

Obama Misses Opportunity to Unite

obama.jpg Andre Banks recently weighed it on the recent barrage of news surrounding Barack Obama's decision to have 'ex-gay' minister and gospel artist, Donnie McClurkin perform on a gospel tour through South Carolina. His attempts to reach out to Black voters isolated him from gay supporters.

We Wear Black for 'Jena Six', Justice

six.jpgAndre Banks, like many bloggers and those who are in Jena, LA for the rally today, sees today as the impetus for a change in the way we seek justice everywhere. Get your out your best black jeans and if you're not already in Jena, prepare for action. As this day has approached, it's urgency seems to have reached a critical pitch.

Finally, some Justice in Jena

Jena6.jpg Ahead of demonstrations expected to draw tens of thousands to the tiny town of Jena, LA, Mychal Bell of the now famed Jena 6 has had his conviction vacated and may go free as early as this evening. News is breaking from Louisiana as we speak.

Oprah and Obama Combine Superpowers

Oprah_2 This nice lady is Oprah.  She is a billionairess.  The ladies love her, and when she tells them what to purchase, they don't think, they just buy.  But the question of the day is, will they buy a Barack, the latest luxury item attached to the O brand?

Charges Reduced in 'Jena 6' Case, But Will Justice Be Served?

Today a judge in Jena, LA threw out a conspiracy conviction against Mychal Bell, one of the Jena 6. The district attorney also reduced the charges for two of the other accused students from attempted murder to aggravated battery. Bell’s conviction on the lesser charge may send him to jail for 15 years. The Chicago Tribune reports:

Kenneth Foster Will Live

Word just came down that Governor Rick Perry has commuted Kenneth Foster's death sentence:

Kenneth Foster Update: Immediate Action Needed

UPDATE: For only the third time in history, the Texas Pardons and Paroles Board has voted (6-1) to commute Kenneth Foster's death sentence. But that means we have only 24 hours to pressure the Governor to sign the order and save his life. Please take a minute this afternoon to call Governor Rick Perry and demand that he save one innocent life: 512-463-2000. Check out the post on Kenneth's story from earlier this week after the cut: 2/28/07 From Merv & Co.

BET's Hot Ghetto Mess

We were talking about this show, now renamed "We Got to Do Better," around the office yesterday. I thought I might offer some commentary, but then I found that Carmen had posted this at Racialicious. I'll let Jay Smooth over at Ill Doctrine give you the review you need, notably titled "Lukewarm Ghetto Snooze".....

Cornel West New Hip Hop Album

blogimage_thumb_4460a4ba0032f06bf7400cb8e1.jpgAdam Howard over at AlterNet's PEEK published this piece about Dr. West's sophomore venture into hip hop.

"Asian Supremacist" Kenneth Eng Forced to Seek "Mental Help"

RaceWire has been covering this Kenneth Eng business from the initial "Why I Hate Blacks" article to the maniacal writer's eventual arrest, so I thought I'd provide this little snippet from the New York Press (thx to Kenyon for the tip):

Defining Katrina "Flood" with Billions at Stake

I've recently become a near religious devotee of News & Notes, the NPR show hosted by Farai Chideya. The coverage is excellent, topical and interesting; it's one of the few radio shows that consistently goes in depth on the stories I care about most. Check out this recent segment explaining how a federal appeals court recently overturned a decision forcing insurance companies to pay out billions to Katrina victims.

Karl Rove Resigns... In the Name of Racial Justice?

If you haven't heard, Karl Rove, whom the NY Times had the courage to describe as President Bush's "strategist" (rather than his "chief thug" or "head goon") resigned today.

Fire! New Drama Series Kicks Off in NYC

IMG_0518.JPG Playwright Nick Mwaluko It is nearly impossible to merge great art and smart politics. Too often, even the most noble attempts end up wonk-HEAVY and art-LITE: "Let's make a rap about water privatization!!" And when the art + politics formula fails, it fails big, in an awkward disaster of inauthenticity. So when I met up with my friend last night to check out this new Fire!

Take America Forward: Black is the New Green

Van Jones of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights just gave a really amazing and inspiring speech at Take Back America about the potential power of a progressive coalition coming together to build a green economy that protects the earth and lifts people out of poverty. Majora Carter, MacArthur "genius," and visionary organizer in the Bronx joined him along with Rep.

Take Back America? Hillary Blames Iraqis for Our Occupation

Hillary Clinton at Take Back America last week Well, after her speech this morning, one thing is clear: Hillary Clinton is trying to win this election. Even if she rides to the White House on the white horse of racism. The Senator led with all the right talking points: more stem cell research, pre-K for kids, universal healthcare. Unfortunately, her delivery, as always, reeked more of an "everything must go" discount salesperson than an inspired and credible leader.

Take Back America? Obama Speaks

(Obama at Take Back American 2007) So, while finishing up my last post, I watched the live simulcast of Obama from the "blogger boulevard" here at Take Back America. And like the rest of the blogosphere, I didn't laugh, I didn't cry, I wasn't angry, I wasn't annoyed. It was a pretty traditional stump speech: Pay teachers more, bring the troops home now, you can fill in the blanks. I thought one thing was pretty amazing, though.

Take Back America? (Race) Poverty and Policy

Rinku Sen, the publisher of ColorLines, is on this plenary "Poverty and Politics: Katrina's Clarion Call". In the planning stage, this session was called "Race, Poverty and Policy" which was abandoned for the coded "Katrina". "Progressives", can we not even say the word race? Arlene Holt Baker of the AFL-CIO's Katrina response effort is moderating this morning. We're starting off strong.

Take Back America? Debt for Diplomas

So I'm at this Take Back America conference and decided to blog a few of the sessions. I'm checking out Making College Affordable right now and later I'll follow ColorLines publisher Rinku Sen in her plenary Poverty and Politics, Katrina's Clarion Call. I'm also gonna check-in later on Edwards and Obama's appearances this afternoon.

Gonzales Protects Religious Right, Not Racial Justice

As if Alberto Gonzales hasn't done enough to discredit the Justice Department and reveal the disgraceful, neo-con driven decline of the Constitution....