Almah LaVon Rice

The Rise of Street Literature

Read the story that won the 2009 National Ethnic Media Award for best article in the arts.

Writing in Netantla

A celebrated Chicana author goes to the border in The Guardian exploring the politics of the border with irony, lyricism and desert-spare clarity.

Wily, Witty and Whimsical

An American Indian artist takes to the canvas with colorful critiques.

Mujeres Making Movies

Two stray dogs in Vieques, Puerto Rico were responsible for the naming of Chica Luna Productions. There alone working on a documentary about the U.S. military occupation of Vieques, cofounder Elisha Miranda befriended and adopted the canine pair, which were named Chica and Luna. “Chica luna,” or “girl moon,” also sounded like a good name for the women of color artists’ collective that she was launching with friends Sonia Gonzalez and Sofía Quintero. “I thought that would be a really interesting name,” Miranda recalls.

Queer Africa

Despite state repression and persecution, LGBT organizing has taken off across the continent and diaspora.

Straight From The Hip

Black men dance in first person.