Aarti Shahani

Aarti Shahani Aarti Shahani is a Paul & Daisy Soros Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. She has contributed to outlets including Salon.com, New America Media, Alternet, ColorLines, and El Diario. Her first public policy report, “Local Democracy on ICE” (Justice Strategies, 2009), was cited in the Congressional Record, the New York Times, Arizona Republic, LA Times, and Wall Street Journal. Her interests are immigration, criminal justice and international development. Aarti grew up in Flushing, Queens.

Dispatch from Arizona: Life Without Sanctuary

In the freak show that is Arizona politics, it’s hard to remember that real people live here. Their lives just keep getting harder.

In Arizona, Feds Are Fighting a Monster They Built

The federal judge weighing SB 1070 zeroed in a question the feds can’t answer: How does the law depart from the course Washington has already set.

Sanctuary's Human Face

Elvira Arellano showed that faith, not self-interest, moves our people.