Voter Suppression

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Long Early Voting Lines Illustrate Need for More Polling Places

One line in Cincinnati was a half-mile long. A new Vox report lays the blame not on enthusiastic early voter turnout, but polling place deficiencies.

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ProPublica Calls For People To Document Voter Harassment and Interference On Election Day

The publication’s “Electionland” project seeks participants willing to help expose “anything that jeopardizes an orderly and fair election.”

Voters cast their votes at an early voting center setup for the general election on October 31, 2016, in Miami, Florida. In the state, the share of Latinx early voters increased by about 4 percent from early voting during the 2012 election.

Voter Suppression Tactics Target Latinx Voters in Red States

Long lines? Check. English-only information? Check. Violation of the Voting Rights Act? Check.

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Alt-Right Groups Threaten Intimidation and Hidden Cameras for Election Day Voter Suppression

Various organizations, including Neo Nazis, are targeting Black voters in cities like Philadelphia.

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North Carolina NAACP Files Federal Suit to Stop State Voter Suppression

An emergency hearing will take place in federal court tomorrow. 

STUDY: Voter ID Laws Are Fantastic at Keeping People of Color Away From the Polls

“Voter ID laws skew democracy in favor of Whites and those on the political right.”

Rethinking Racial Justice Law a Year After the Gutting of the Voting Rights Act

One year after the Supreme Court found Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional, a group of lawyers are learning new ways to protect people of color.

Nevada GOP Leader: 'Minorities Will Not Turn Out' to Vote in 2014

Nevada GOP leader also doesn’t like that the Democratic Party has such a diverse tent of followers.

Supreme Court Guts Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court says this is the end of Section Five of the Voting Rights Act. Now what?

Voter Suppression Group Sues IRS For Delaying Their Voter Suppression

True the Vote is suing the IRS because the government agency dared to look into their voter suppression activity

North Carolina GOP Unleashes Hardcore Voter ID Package

The state’s Republicans also want to sack early voting and institute felony disenfranchisement.

Michelle Obama: Don't Sleep on Voting Rights

We hate to keep beating y’all in the head about the voting rights war not being over, but seriously, it’s not over.

Breaking News: Colorlines Believes in Racial Justice (Or, Why the Right's Scared of Us)

Our voting rights coverage has prompted some right wing muckraking on our publisher. We’ll save them the effort: We’re proud to be part of a racial justice movement.

Undeterred by the Long, Slow Line Toward Democracy

Those long, snaking lines were about more than a vote. The people most battered and excluded from the nation’s politics and economy are refusing to be ignored.

Voters in Predominantly Black Ohio Suburb Forced to Cast Provisional Ballots

A number of residents in Forest Park, a predominantly black suburb outside Cincinnati, are reporting they’re being forced to cast provisional ballots because records incorrectly show they already submitted an absentee-ballot.

The state Board of Election says the issue was caused by a “human error” but Forest Park residents–65% of them who are black–will still have to file a provisional ballot

Sheriff Deputies, Poll Worker Harass Latinos in Swing State Colorado

Colorado’s Latino voters could well decide this election–but some will have to overcome harassment to cast their ballots.

Ready to Vote? Rampant Suppression Threatens Already Tight Race

There are plenty more threats to the vote than there are days left to cast your ballot.

Why Vote? Because You Can Shift Power in the United States

For some people of color, voting may be a matter of life and death.

Suppression Surges as Election Nears

With a week-and-a-half left until Election Day, voter suppression schemes slam swing states.

Anonymous Funder Pulls 'Voter Fraud' Billboards Rather Than Reveal Itself

After widespread outrage, Clear Channel finally invoked its policy against anonymous political ads.