unemployment rate

Why Don't We Raise More Hell About Unemployment?

This crisis seems to be missing something that its scale would indicate is needed: a sense of national urgency about the dire state of unemployment.

Why Today's Unemployment Number Isn't So Great After All

The reason why the unemployment rate seems to be the best since 2008 is that so many Americans have given up looking for work.

Dollar Shave Club Video Goes Viral with an Awkward Former Unemployed Latina Moment

This Dollar Shave Club commercial (that takes confidence cues from the Old Spice man) had me until they introduced Alejandra.

Deal Reached to Allow Drug Testing for Jobless Benefits

There goes your social safety net.

House GOP's Jobless Image: Drugged Out, Lazy and in Need of a GED

That’s the picture Republicans want in voters’ minds, too, as Congress prepares for yet another brutal round of jousting over unemployment benefits.

What Drove a Sudden, Steep Drop in Black Unemployment? Nobody Knows

Black unemployment dropped a whopping 3 percent in January, fueled by hiring of black men. Economists who’ve tracked black joblessness are waiting for the other shoe to drop–was it a statistical quirk, or is there a jobs renaissance afoot in black America?

There was Virtually No Change in Black Unemployment Rate in 2011

The black worker unemployment remained in the 15 to 16 percent range, while unemployment for the rest of the workforce dropped below 9 percent.

Unemployment Rate Improved for Everyone in 2011, Except for Blacks

Black men captured about 237,000 job gains in 2011, whereas black women actually ended the year with fewer jobs than they had a year ago.