Stop and Frisk

Graphic that compares stop and frisk numbers from 2008 to 2015

ACLU Sues City of Milwaukee for Racist Stop and Frisk Policy

“Data reflect that…Black drivers citywide were seven times more likely—and that Hispanic drivers were five times more likely—to be targeted for a traffic stop than white drivers.”

Donald Trump in black suit with white shirt and blue tie

Donald Trump Advocates Nationwide Stop and Frisk, People Say 'Nah'

Also, one of his Ohio campaign chairs resigned after insisting there was “no racism” before President Obama.

In Lawsuit, Black and Latino Cops Say NYPD Punished Them for Saying No to Racial Profiling

NYPD officers say discriminatory arrest and ticket quotas are still in effect.

Study: Where Stop-and-Frisk Goes, Trauma Follows

In the first survey of young men on stop-and-frisk’s impact on their mental health.

Bill 'CompStat' Bratton Is New York's Top Cop Again

Will Bill Bratton, the pioneer of ‘broken windows’ policing and CompStat, be able to repair the NYPD’s relationship with communities of color?

Black Man Repeatedly Arrested and Jailed for 'Trespassing' at His Workplace

Earl Sampson has been stopped and questioned 258 times, searched at least 100 times, arrested 62 times, and jailed 56 times by Miami Gardens Police, all in and around his workplace.

Watch Three Artists Reckoning with Stop-and-Frisk

In ‘American Secrets: New York City,’ artists Akil b STRANGe, MC Grizzz, and AJ Cincotta-Eichenfield produced and audiovisual response to the NYPD’s controversial policy.

Has Stop-and-Frisk Been Replaced by Youth Surveillance?

An article in today’s New York Times claims the NYPD is increasingly monitoring social media for youth gang activity.

NYPD Covertly Labels Mosques as Terrorism Organizations

Undercover documents expose extensive mosque surveillance in New York.

Mayor Bloomberg's Parody Black Son is on Twitter

It’s not an Afro–he just inherited his dad’s ego.

The Economics of Stop and Frisk

The inequitable application of our laws and unjustifiable focus of the criminal justice system on people of color has always been big business.

Stop and Frisk, South Asians and Kal Penn's Tweets

South Asian leaders oppose stop and frisk, and Kal Penn agrees.

Kal Penn Tweets in Support of Stop-and-Frisk

Actor Kal Penn calls stop-and-frisk ‘sound policy,’ says blacks and Latinos commit the most crimes

NYPD to Clear Stop-and-Frisk Names Database

The New York Civil Liberties Union reached an agreement with New York City yesterday to remove the names of people whose cases were dismissed after being stopped.

Activist Group Yes Men Confirm NYPD Stop and Frisk Happy Meal Hoax

But plenty of media took the bait, and now the NYPD’s shady policing practices are up for more debate.

McDonald's Denies NYPD Deal to Give Happy Meals to Stop and Frisk Victims

On Tuesday, McDonald’s denied participating in a campaign called “Three Strikes, You’re In!” that rewarded New Yorkers who have been victims of NYPD’s stop and frisk policies with a Happy Meal.

New York's Mostly Black and Latino Stop-and-Frisk Victims Speak Out

New York City Police Department released new data to the City Council earlier this month revealed there were 684,330 stop-and-frisks in 2011–close to 90% of those stopped were black and Latino.

NYPD Cop Taped Making Racial Slur About Black Man After Stop-and-Frisk

It’s just the latest case of racial bias in a controversial departmental policy that targets young black and brown men.

New Orleans Cops' Unspoken Stop and Frisk Quota

The more police harass civilians, the better their performance is graded.

Update: The NYPD Just Won't Stop On Frisking

88 percent of those stopped were black and Latino, according to department data.