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Kim Kardashian, Big Boi and the Celebrity Outcry to Save Troy Davis

Kim Kardashian surprised many by telling her 10 million followers she believes Troy Davis is innocent, joining other high profile figures who've added their names to the cause.

Rihanna Becomes Most Popular Woman on Facebook

Rihanna becomes the most popular social media star of color in the world.

Latino Facebook Users Increase by 167 Percent in One Year

The number dwarfs the percentage of new users from other races, which only increased by 21 percent during the same time.

Palestinian Youth Channel an Old Struggle Through New Media

Global Justice columnist Michelle Chen explores the future of resistance, on and offline, with her students in the occupied territories.

Facebook Can Predict Your Ethnicity

They're crunching data to figure out a "Washington" surname probably means you're black--so they can sell you and your friends stuff based on it.