School to Prison Pipeline

Chain link fences and razor wire

STUDY: How 'Status Offenses' Push Students of Color, Queer Kids Into Criminal Justice System

“Kids who are already less privileged—in how they are perceived and in their access to services—are more likely to have their misbehavior criminalized.”


READ: How Public Schools Fail Native Students

The Nation explores how underfunding, disproportionate punishment and inferior instruction push Native American students out of classrooms.

Black police car reads "NYPD School Safety"

Federal Government to Educators, Law Enforcement: Cops Are in Schools for Safety, Not Discipline

Can the Justice and Education Departments’ new guidance help local and state officials effectively—and safely—employ school resource officers?

STUDY: Nation's Largest Public Schools Have More Police Than Counselors

A new report found that three of America’s largest school districts invest more in policing students than in helping them.

Hillary Clinton Proposes Plan to Dismantle Systemic Racism

“These inequalities are wrong, but they’re also immoral. And it’ll be the mission of my presidency to bring them to an end.”

The Criminalization of Black Girls—and How We Can End It

Advancement Project’s Thena Robinson-Mock: “We find that for officers in school settings—particularly where there are predominantly black and brown students—their role is less on the protect and serve side, and more on the profiling and policing side.”

#AssaultAtSpringValley Officer Fired

Sheriff Leon Lott: “He should not have thrown that student.”

What You Need to Know About the #AssaultAtSpringValley Sheriff's Press Conference

From Sheriff Lott’s claim that Fields has “been dating an African-American female for quite some time now” to his condemnation of the state’s “disturbing schools” law, here are the key takeaways from his press conference.

Justice Department, FBI Are Now Investigating #AssaultAtSpringValley

The FBI and Justice Department will investigate whether Richland County, South Carolina, police officer Ben Fields violated a student’s civil rights when he violently arrested her in her classroom.

Sheriff Asks FBI and Justice Department to Investigate #AssaultAtSpringValley

A white police officer was caught on tape assaulting (yet another) black teenage girl, this time in a South Carolina classroom. What’s next?

STUDY: Report Explores How Institutional Racism Derails Education for Black Boys

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten: “We must do everything in our power to make sure that black lives matter in every classroom.” 

Judge Upholds School’s Suspension of Black Boy for ‘Staring’ at White Girl

The boy says he and the girl were having a staring contest and that she laughed the entire time.

STUDY: Black Students Disproportionately Suspended, Expelled in Southern Schools

A new study from two researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Education has confirmed what many black parents already know all too well: The people in charge at American schools are much more likely to suspend and even expel African-American children than their white peers. They also discovered that the problem is especially pronounced in the South.

Oakland to End Suspensions for 'Willful Defiance'

The category was a catchall for behaviors which black students were disproportionately punished for.

Report: Virginia Sends More Students to Cops Than Any Other State

And it’s far from the only state with stark racial disparities in school discipline rates.

More Police in Schools Means More Student Arrests [Infographic]

That, and other facts about the school-to-prison pipeline.

Study: For Black Students, Skin Color and Suspensions Linked

Colorism at work.

California Becomes First in the Nation to Limit Suspensions for Willful Defiance

The law applies to students from kindergarten through third grade.

New Policies Will Limit Los Angeles School Police Arrest Powers

School police will not be allowed to arrest students for alcohol and marijuana possession.

Obama's My Brother's Keeper Adds School District Partnerships

It includes plans to address the school-to-prison pipeline