Proposition 8

DOMA Ruling Clears Path for Binational Couples

In striking down the DOMA, the Supreme Court also settles a hotly debated issue immigration reform: should LGBT US citizens be allowed to sponsor their partners for green cards. Yes, the court says.

Calif. Gay Couples Must Wait Six More Days

Judge lifts the stay on his ruling, but gives Prop 8ers time to petition Ninth Circuit.

A Simple, Historic Statement

My love is not inferior.

The Essential Link Between Racial Justice and LGBT Movements

ColorLines’ publisher, the Applied Research Center, explains why the racial justice and sexual freedom movements are inseparable.

Queer Blogger Roundtable: What's the Future?

A virtual panel discussion on the community’s future, Obama’s politics, hypocrite pastors, rent boys, Tyler Perry and more.

Guide: The Federal Prop 8 Trial

A handy tip sheet on the key legal questions, from LAist.

A Fragile Union

Why racial justice matters in the fight for gay marriage.