Civil Rights

50 Years After 'Bloody Sunday': Remembering the Activists Behind the Scenes

A look at the students and teachers who helped lead the fight for black voting rights in 1965.

New Report Tracks Discrimination Against California's Muslims

And those perceived to “look Muslim” too

Eric Holder Recounts Being Harassed by Police

‘I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man,’ Holder said.

Anita Hill Talks Civil Rights

“We have to keep fighting.”

Indian-American Man Charged with Firebombing Synagogues

Some community members say Aakash Dalal is being treated like a terrorist

A Racial Murder the FBI Can't Seem to Solve

It’s the 50th anniversary of the 1964 racial murder of Clifton Walker. For his family, closure remains elusive.

FBI Arrests LA County Jails Officers

The arrests follow a two-year investigation into inmate abuse and corruption

Who Was the Real Jackie Robinson?

“42,” the Hollywood film about Jackie Robinson’s first year in the racially segregated major leagues, comes out today. Inside the racial politics and legacy of the baseball trailblazer.

Report: Government Abandoned Integration of Housing For Decades

The Fair Housing Act has been largely ignored for 40 years, according to a new investigation.

East Haven Police Reach Agreement With Feds On Racial Discrimination

The agreement comes more than three years after the federal government began an investigation of practices of systemic discrimination and brutality against Latinos by East Haven police.

Feds: Bias Against Transgender Employees Is Sex Discrimination

The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission says Mia Macy, a transgender federal employee, can in fact file a bias claim under Title VII after being denied a job her gender identity.

Do We Need Government to Fight Discrimination?

Rinku Sen answers the question in an essay for The Nation magazine. There is nothing inherently corrupt about government, Sen writes, and the best way to shape it for collective good is to treat it as the critical site of struggle and change that it is.

Little Rock Nine's Jefferson Thomas Passes Away

Over fifty years later, the battle to desegregate schools continues.