black women

New Report Details Barriers to Black Girls' Success

Consider it a response to the boy-specific My Brother’s Keeper.

Are Black Women Being Ignored by the Obama Administration?

The president is ignoring a key demographic that helped get him elected, writes Britney Cooper.

Live Chat: Scholars Discuss Beauty, Black Women, Bodies--and Beyoncé

You read right.

Black Women and the Body Police

From Rachel Jeantel, who was treated like a criminal because of her size, to Renisha McBride, who literally lost her life because she was viewed as a threat, 2013 was a challenging year for black women’s bodies.

News Flash: Black Women Do Stuff Like Worry About Bills and Pray

Why The Washington Post’s well-meaning, but reductive survey about black women’s lives misses the mark.

Here's How Deadly Breast Cancer is For Women of Color in the U.S.

The National Cancer Institute has begun a new campaign to raise breast cancer awareness among black women.

Hey, Media: Don't Lecture Black Women About Marriage

Racialicious’ Latoya Peterson on the media’s obsession with black women and marriage rates among African-Americans.

Black Women Object to TSA's Airport Hair Pat Downs

The women say that they’re unfairly targeted for additional screening at the nation’s airports.

Students Push to Get Satoshi Kanazawa Fired in London

Meanwhile, angry Psychology Today readers are moving to have the evolutionary psychologist dropped for his racist research.

Poor, Jobless, and Getting out the Vote

Labor hopes to make the unemployed their own political interest group.

Why is CNN Still So Concerned With Black Women's Dating Lives?

This time, the culprit is the black church.

Is Essence Leaving Black Women Behind?

The magazine is set to announce its new fashion editor: a white woman.