Police Violence

White man in black suit with blue tie sits behind brown podium with black microphone and computer monitors in front of white and brown wall

Michael Slager Pleads Guilty to Violating Walter Scott's Civil Rights

The former North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer faces a maximum sentence of life in prison for fatally shooting Scott, an unarmed Black motorist, in the back during a traffic stop.

Alton Sterling in baby blue shirt with green trees in background

WATCH: DOJ On Decision Not to Charge Alton Sterling's Killers

And watch the family's response to the non-indictment for Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake—the Baton Rouge Police Department cops who shot and killed Sterling in July 2016.

Jordan Edwards. Smiling Black boy.

Cop Who Killed Jordan Edwards Fired

Ex-officer Roy Oliver was fired three days after he shot and killed the unarmed teenager.

Jordan Edwards. Smiling Black boy.

Jordan Edwards' Family: 'What We Desire is Justice for Jordan'

A Balch Springs, Texas police officer shot and killed the unarmed teen over the weekend. His family just released a statement about his death.

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WATCH: Ferguson Rises Up Against Police Violence in the 'Whose Streets?' Trailer

The feature documentary opens in theaters August 11, just two days after the third anniversary of Michael Brown's killing by ex-police officer Darren Wilson.

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Viola Davis to Produce True Crime Series on Police Violence in Black Communities

TV One's "Two Sides of the Truth" will cover four police shootings.

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Why Weed Decriminalization Alone Won't Fix Racist Drug Enforcement

The City of Atlanta is considering fines instead of jail for recreational weed possession. But if decriminalization isn't coupled with new policies on arrest quotas, financial incentives and racial profiling, the main purpose of the change could go up in smoke. 

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Teen Says Sybrina Fulton Praised Her Prom Dress Featuring a Tribute to Trayvon Martin

Milan Bolden-Morris' dress included the likeness of Fulton's son, Trayvon Martin, alongside those of other Black people killed by police and White vigilantes.

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READ: Inside the 'Warrior Policing' Lessons Dave Grossman Teaches Police Officers

A new report from New Republic documents the training sessions the retired cop teaches people like Jeronimo Yanez, the Minnesota officer who took one of Grossman's "warrior policing" seminars before killing Philando Castile.

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Morgan Freeman to Develop Rodney King Docuseries Using Home Video Footage

Freeman's production company acquired the rights to nearly 20 hours of never-before-seen footage of King reflecting on his youth and reluctant ascension to social justice figure after his infamous beating by LAPD officers.

Jeff Sessions: Stop 'Handcuffing the Police Instead of the Criminals'

The United States attorney general wrote an op-ed for USA Today that lays out his plan for making neighborhoods “safe and peaceful.”

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North Miami Cop Who Shot Charles Kinsey Charged With Manslaughter

Kinsey, a Black man, was lying in the street with his arms in the air when he was shot.

Ramarley Graham, wearing a black T-shirt, holds his little brother wearing a bow tie, his brother Chinnor Campbell, behind their grandmother Patricia Hartley, who is wearing a plaid shirt

1 Teen, 6 Cops, 1 Bullet and 5 Years of a Black Family Screaming for Justice

In a just world, Ramarley Graham would be celebrating his 24th birthday today. But in 2012, New York City police followed him home from a bodega, kicked in his door and killed him in front of his grandmother and little brother. We go inside his family's five-year battle for some form of police accountability.

A closeup of Constance Malcolm, a Black woman in a red shirt and black cap that reads "Don't Shoot"

[VIDEO] Constance Malcolm, Mother of Police Slaying Victim Ramarley Graham, Talks About Her Family's Battle for Justice

Ramarley Graham should be celebrating his 24th birthday today. But in 2012, NYPD officers kicked in the door of his Bronx apartment and fatally shot the unarmed 18-year-old. In honor of his memory, his mom, Constance Malcolm, spoke to Colorlines about her family's five-year fight for answers.

Officer drags man across the floor

#NewUnitedAirlinesMottos Drags Airline for Actions Caught on Video

An elderly Vietnamese-American man was forcibly removed from a plane to make space for United Airlines employees.

Military veterans, most of whom are Native American, confront police guarding a bridge near Oceti Sakowin Camp on the edge of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on November 30, 2016, outside Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

READ: North Dakota Sheriff Expects Nebraska to Become the Next Standing Rock in Keystone XL Fight

The officer who oversaw the confrontations at Standing Rock intends to meet and talk with law enforcement in the state.

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WATCH: First Trailer for Spike Lee's 'Rodney King'

The movie will debut on Netflix later this month—25 years after LAPD officers were acquitted for beating King.

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Police Chief Says Officer Who Shot Charles Kinsey Knew There Was No Gun

The North Miami cop shot the unarmed Black man while he was trying to coax his autistic patient out of harm’s way.

One hand passes a can of Pepsi to another

UPDATE: Pepsi Apologies for Ad That Shows Kendall Jenner Ending Racism With a Pepsi

A new Pepsi commercial shows the reality show personality presenting a police officer with a cool drink, opening his eyes to the plight of the oppressed.

DOJ to Review Agreements With Law Enforcement Agencies That Violated Civil Rights

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions: “It is not the responsibility of the federal government to manage non-federal law enforcement agencies.”