Federal Government Still Operating, Planned Parenthood Still Kicking

by Kenrya Rankin Naasel on Oct 1, 2015 1:59PM

House Republicans had vowed to hold government funding hostage unless Planned Parenthood was defunded, but the bill passed with 

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Today is the 39th Anniversary of the Anti-Abortion Hyde Amendment

by Kenrya Rankin Naasel on Sep 30, 2015 12:45PM

The Hyde Amendment blocks abortion coverage for low-income women who depend on Medicaid for their health care.

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Navajo Midwives in New Mexico Plan First-Ever Native American Birth Center

by Miriam Zoila Pérez on Sep 29, 2015 5:34PM

Certified nurse midwives Nicolle Gonzales and Brittney Simplicio are planning a space where Native women can experience traditional healing practices and midwifery care during birth.

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TODAY: National #PinkOut Day Supports Planned Parenthood, Provides Free STD Testing

by Kenrya Rankin Naasel on Sep 29, 2015 1:46PM

The embattled reproductive health organization is offering free STD testing in 28 cities today.

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California is Rapidly Extending Public Health Care to Undocumented Immigrants

by Kenrya Rankin Naasel on Sep 25, 2015 12:46PM

County officials say that offering preventative services to adult undocumented immigrants will lower costs and improve overall public health.

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Arrest of Undocumented Latina at Gynecologist's Office Could Scare Others Away From Healthcare

by Miriam Zoila Pérez on Sep 22, 2015 4:02PM

After Blanca Borrego presented a false ID at Texas' Northeast Women's Healthcare Clinic, staff members called the police. The mother of two was arrested and jailed for two weeks—a move that could deter other undocumented women from seeking vital gynecological care.

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STUDY: Most of the Largest Low-Cost Restaurant Chains In the U.S. Use Meat Spiked With Superbug-Creating Antibiotics

by Kenrya Rankin Naasel on Sep 16, 2015 4:28PM

Out of the 25 largest fast food and casual dining chains, just five earned passing grades when it came to antibiotics in their meat. Note: Black and Latino people are more likely to eat fast food than their white counterparts.

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ICYMI: Paramedic Says Pine Lawn Jailers and Police Wouldn't Release Sick Inmate to ER

by Sameer Rao on Sep 16, 2015 2:06PM

In the case of Bernard Scott, who was jailed for a series of minor traffic offenses, prison officers at Missouri's Pine Lawn Jail wouldn't release him to an ER. Scott eventually fell into a coma, and officials said that he tried to commit suicide, but he lived.  

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STUDY: Black Kids Less Likely than Whites to Receive Proper Pain Treatment in ER

by Kenrya Rankin Naasel on Sep 15, 2015 1:06PM

Emergency doctors are quicker to provide effective opioid pain relief for white kids than black kids.

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REPORT: Defunding Planned Parenthood Would Rob Thousands of Timely, Comprehensive Care

by Kenrya Rankin Naasel on Sep 11, 2015 11:42AM

Planned Parenthood’s family planning centers serve 2.8 million people annually.

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