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Brown woman holds white flowers with green stems and multi-colored sign in crowd with other Brown people against grey wall and blue sky

Devyn Galindo Captures East LA's Xicanx Youth Culture in Debut Book

Galindo—a non-binary queer artist of Mexican-American descent—discusses photo book, "We Are Still Here," in a new interview with Remezcla. 

White man's face on animated Asian girl's body with Black hair and green and blue outfit against blue sky with green and red trees

Twitter Salutes 'The Great Wall's' Whitewashing with #ThankYouMattDamon

Comedian Jenny Yang launched the trending hashtag during a premiere of the film, which stars Damon as a European mercenary in Song Dynasty-era China.

Confronting Mental Health in Asian-American Communities Through Testimony and Art

The Asian American Literary Review drops an interactive, experimental issue centered on Asian-American mental well-being.

Black man wearing black baseball cap and black denim jacket with white t-shirt seated next to Black man in red, black and white leather jacket with white t-shirt in front of blurry studio background

Chance the Rapper and Jimmy Butler Say Trump Doesn't Know Chicago

The Grammy-winning musician and Chicago Bulls player discuss Chicago stereotypes and celebrity activism in a new interview for ESPN The Magazine and The Undefeated.

Black woman in brown dress with yellow-and-blue pattern stands in front of White wall with yellow with black text and navy circle with navy insignia

LISTEN: Issa Rae Talks Second Season of 'Insecure,' Oprah-Level Goals

Rae discusses these topics and more on WNYC Studios' "Sooo Many White Guys" podcast.

Black woman in navy dress against white background with black text and gold swirl

Octavia Spencer on Hollywood Diversity: 'The Tide Has Changed, But We Still Have a Ways to Go'

In a new Deadline interview, the actress discusses her "Hidden Figures" performance and actors of color's increased representation in this year's Oscar nominee pool.

Black man in blue shirt seated next to White Ku Klux Klan member in purple robes and hood with red and white insignia, in front of two-toned brown wall

WATCH: Black Musician Befriends, Tries to Convert White Supremacists in 'Accidental Courtesy'

The documentary profiles Daryl Davis' attempts to turn active Ku Klux Klan members and other White nationalists away from hate—and his dispute with Black Baltimore-based activists about his methods.

Pink card with white text and yellow outline of white circle with pink lips in middle, surrounded by other pink cards with white text

Islamophobic Rhetoric Inspires Lewd Puns on These Muslim V-Day Cards

"Let's engage in some heavy vetting."

A smiling Chicano/Native man passes out colorful protest posters on a sunny day in L.A.

Meet Ernesto Yerena Montejano, the Artist Behind the Ubiquitous 'We the Resilient' Protest Poster

Chicano/Native/Yaqui artist Ernesto Yerena Montejano explores questions of identity, gender norms, politics and spirituality in his vibrant illustrations, prints and collages. Here, an intimate portrait of the man behind the "We the Resilient" image you keep seeing at protests across the country. 

Black woman in gold dress and jewelry and headpiece, surrounded by Black women in multi-colored dresses in front of grey-teal background

How Artists of Color Put Race and Politics Center Stage at the Grammys

From Beyoncé to Chance the Rapper, here are the performances, speeches and moments that made last night's Grammy Awards ceremony as socially relevant as ever.

Black woman with red headwrap next to Black woman with blue headband and white shirt next to Black man with navy suit next to Black man with grey suit against yellow-lined background

The Undefeated Honors 44 Black Changemakers in New Set of Essays

Limited to 44 people in tribute to President Barack Obama, the list features a multigenerational mix of athletes, artists and activists.

Black man in light blue suit with patterned grey collar and grey shirt behind black microphone and stand, in front of orange and purple background

Prince's Estate, Universal Reach Music Catalog Deal

The agreement, which gives Universal Music Group exclusive rights to much of Prince's post-1996 catalog, emerges just days before Prince's earlier music is set to hit streaming services.

Animation of Black man in golden robes and gold-and-blue headdress with gold antennae against purple sky with yellow and pink stars

WATCH: Sun Ra's Afrofuturist Vision Takes to Space in This Animated Video

The first episode of Dust's "Afrofuturism" series depicts the artist's life story as a sci-fi adventure. Future episodes will focus on Missy Elliott, Jimi Hendrix and more.

Black woman with black headphones and green shirt next to black microphone in front of dark blue background with black-and-white tape deck and red lamp

This New 'Dear White People' Promo Will Make You Cringe-Laugh

The series, based on Justin Simien's 2014 film of the same name, premieres on Netflix on April 28. 

Black man in light blue shirt, black jeans and black baseball cap smiles against black, purple and green background

Chance the Rapper, A Tribe Called Quest and 23 Other Artists to Honor Prince and George Michael at Grammys

The performers involved in the highly anticipated Grammy tributes to the deceased artists will span genres and generations.

Black people in silhouette with hands raised stand in street under dim yellow light with blue and red police lights in the background

Magnolia Pictures Acquires Ferguson Uprising Doc, 'Whose Streets?'

The company, which also distributed "I Am Not Your Negro," plans to release "Whose Streets?" this summer. 

Black woman in pink dress against light blue background; Black woman in pink shirt, grey jacket and blue jeans against charcoal background

Shonda Rhimes is Turning Luvvie Ajayi Book Into a Comedy Series

Rhimes' Shondaland production company acquired the rights to Ajayi's book, "I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual" and will develop it as a scripted comedy for ABC Studios.

Old photograph of man with moustache against browning background

WATCH: William Monroe Trotter Fights D.W. Griffith's Film in ' Birth of a Movement'

The documentary about Trotter, a Black newspaper editor and activist who fought to ban "The Birth of a Nation" in 1910s Boston, is now available to stream.

Black man in black shirt and brown fedora seated next to Black man in blue and white jacket against brown couch and brown wall

Laurence Fishburne and Larenz Tate Resurrect Black History in Star-Studded 'Bronzeville'

The scripted audio series, which features Fishburne and Tate alongside Tika Sumpter and Tracee Ellis Ross, centers on the 1940s underground economy in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood.

Brown man in red and grey flannel shirt and brown pants on black stage in front of concert crowd

Desi MC Lushlife Reminds Us That Pre-Trump America Was Far From Perfect

With his intense new mixtape, "My Idols are Dead and My Enemies are in Power," Lushlife brings together Killer Mike, Kool A.D. and 17 others to tackle Islamophobia, mass incarceration, flawed foreign policy and other issues. Proceeds will go to the ACLU.