Seth Freed Wessler is an independent reporter in New York who has reported from across the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean on immigration, the safety net, criminal justice, poverty and the human fallout of the financial collapse. Seth currently reports for’s In Plain Sight project. He’s reported for ProPublica, The Daily Beast, This American Life, Elle Magazine, Latino USA, Radio Ambulante, and many other outlets. For six years he was a staff reporter for Colorlines and a researcher for Race Forward. Seth led a groundbreaking investigation for Race Forward and Colorlines that revealed the thousands of U.S. citizen children stuck in foster care whose parents have been detained or deported by federal immigration authorities. The investigation led to federal administrative shifts, as well as the passage of state-level legislation. Sethwon a 2012 Hillman Prize, has been a finalist for a Casey Medal and has won several Ippies Awards. He was the recipient of the 2013 NYU Reporting Award and has received reporting grants and fellowships from USC Annenberg’s Institute for Justice and Journalism and the Nation Institute. Seth tweets at @sethfw. Check out Seth’s media appearances here.