The 19th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were held on Sunday and every single individual award for an actor went to a white actor.

The results don't come as a surprise to anyone because out of 50 nominees only four actors of color received nominations. Denzel Washington, Javier Bardem, Sofia Vergara, Alfre Woodard were recognized for their work.

SAG's latest Casting Data Report compiled with data collected in 2008 found 72% of TV and theatrical roles go to white actors. The report found black actors were casted in 13.3% of roles; Latinos took 6.4% of roles; Asians 3.8%; and American Indians were cast in 0.30% of roles reported to SAG.

Americ Ngwije at illustrated the racial diversity of the Fall 2012 TV season and found the numbers are even more dismal if you only take leading roles in to consideration.

Ngwije's infographic and the complete list of SAG award nominees are below.