It's been a busy, exciting year in the news, and we've done our best to both chronicle and explain it every day. Check out [Jorge Rivas's hair-raising video looking back on all that news--2011 in 90 seconds!]( It's fun. Today is the last day will publish this year--we've gotta go spend some time with our families and loved ones. And we've gotta get rested and ready for what will be a busy and significant year, dominated by the national debate over priorities that a presidential election brings. This week, we've published a series of short essays looking ahead to that discussion. If you've missed any, they'll make great end-of-the-year reading, while we're out. Here's a recap: [The Arc Is Bending Toward Justice. But That Doesn't Make Our Work Easier](
by Rinku Sen [The 2012 Attack on Reproductive Rights Will Trade on Women of Color](
by Akiba Solomon [Will Young Voters Steal the Show in 2012? Maybe, If Lawmakers Listen](
by Jamilah King [Our Economy Was Built on Bull. Until We Admit That, We're Screwed](
by Kai Wright From the family to all of yours, we wish you a happy holiday and a healthy new year. See you in 2012!