We love that trans folks are coming up - we've highlighted the first openly trans Basketball player and the first trans supermodel, and today we're shouting out Andii Viveros, who was just crowned prom queen at McFatter Technical School in Davie, Florida.

According to TransGriot, Viveros is the first open trans prom queen of Florida. The blog notes the stiff competition Viveros faced on her ascendance to prom royalty.

From TransGriot:

17 year old Andii Viveros beat out 14 candidates to become the second trans teen nationally to become the prom queen at her school. To make it even more interesting, the prom king is 17-year-old gay male student Juan Macias.

Despite enduring taunts from classmates, Viveros told the Miami Herald she has the support of her school principal and her family, who encouraged her to stay in the race and bought her prom night outfit. But high school prom queendom is just the beginning for Viveros, who plans to attend Broward College in the fall to study culinary arts management.

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