An hour before the federal government was scheduled to shut down on Friday, the White House and the House GOP announced a deal to fund the government for another week while they figure out the budget for the rest of 2011. Expected are another $38.5 billion in cuts, the details of which are to be announced later this week. The stopgap measure saw $2 billion in cuts, including $220 million from the Community Development Block Grant, which affects funding for education and economic programs for poor people. $280 million was cut from Transit New Starts, a stimulus program that funds local transit projects. And after pressure from Democrats, House Republicans had to fold on the measure that would defund Planned Parenthood. However, the District of Columbia ended up being affected when Republicans managed to slip in a rider that bans the city from spending its own money -- not federal funding -- on abortion access for low-income women. This is a return to the ban President Barack Obama overturned in a 2009 spending bill.