For students at Philadelphia’s Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School, the real-life tragedy of the city’s current public schools budget crisis is both the current backdrop and the inspiration for a new art project. The “Alphabet of Hope and Struggle,” unveiled this week in the city, takes viewers through every letter, accompanying every letter with a photo and a word inspired by the crushing crisis which has left schools stripped of counselors, nurses, librarians, teachers, textbooks, and more.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the photo-based project led by art teacher Joshua Kleiman:

A is for abandoned - a student sitting against a stark black background, head down, arms around her knees.

B is for budget - a thin wallet opened to reveal no cash inside.

C is for crowded - too many students packed into a tight space.

F is for future, a student in cap and gown … Z is for zipped, a student with tape over his mouth, symbolizing voicelessness.

It’s a poignant, beautifully produced project. Check out the Inquirer page for their gallery of photos.