Jay Smooth does it again. Here’s his video “How to Tell People They Sound Racist.” We all have a friend that doesn’t mean to be racist. Though we did away with a definition of racism that is based on intention, I’m willing to work with someone who says the wrong thing and just needs a little enlightening. If we can talk about racism as an act separate from you as a person, I agree with the Illdoctrinator, I think that the debate can be more civil and it becomes a teaching moment. But I think there are moments when you just have to call a racist a racist. Case in point: Toby Keith (h/t Stereohyped)

During a July 30 interview on talking face Glenn Beck’s radio broadcast, Toby Keith, Oklahoman and the musical genius behind the hit pro-lynching anthem “Beer for My Horses,” told Beck that he thinks Barack Obama is highly successful with black Americans because “he don’t talk, act or carry himself like a black person.”

Click here for audio. Tell me if I’m wrong.