For those of us still waiting on this Fugees reunion, we may have something to help hold us over in the mean time. Hawk House is a London-based hip-hop and soul trio whose makeup (two male rappers and a female who's a beast on the mic and can sing) has drawn comparisons to the Fugees. Here's Zo from Okayplayer:

The group comprises two low-key but powerful MCs in Sam and Eman, and one fluttering vocalist in Demae. "Round We Go" and A Little More Elbow Room (the mixtape what bore it) are laden with the type of sample-heavy, sloppy (in a good way) drums and supper-subby bass licks that allude to serious influence by the one and only J Dilla.

You can download the group's 2013 free mixtape "A Little Bit More Elbow Room" on their website. Their new EP, "A Handshake to the Brain," just dropped and is availble on iTunes. You can listen below.