John Zaccheus, 59, is the lead instructor at the New Community Corporation's automotive technician training program in Newark, N.J. He chats with some of his students in one of the shop's classroom areas. Most shop students are in their early 20s, and come through the program after realizing they can't find work without solid industry skills. Photo: Aura Bogado/Colorlines
Tue, Jul 1, 2014 3:20 PM EDT

Yesterday, Colorlines hosted a Twitter chat in conjunction with this month's installment of its Life Cycles of Inequity Series, "Why Young, Black Men Can't Work." We invited our online community to weigh in on the issues of long-term unemployment, racial inequity in hiring practices, and disparities in job opportunities between black and white high school graduates. Not only was the discussion lively and insightful, but our hashtag #livesofblackmen even trended nationwide in the states of California, Texas and Minnesota and in the cities of Chicago, DC, Philadelphia and Boston.

Here's the conversation-in-tweets, as compiled by Race Forward, which launches its brand new Storify page today. 

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