Last year she called Chinese people disobedient Japanese people now designer Diane Von Furstenberg is back saying Chinese women are afraid of themselves.

In an interview with the The Wall Street Journal the 65-year-old Belgian fashion designer describes Chinese women:

“What I like about women is always strength, but Chinese women are even stronger. It’s like strong women on steroids. I also realize they are fragile. All women are the same really: they are strong, but they are afraid of their own strength.” 

Here’s another gem about how Chinese people have come so far…because the last time she saw them they were all on bikes:

I always was fascinated with China, because I was born in Europe, and for us, China had this fascination and mystery. The first time I came here was in 1989. They were on bicycles, and the speed of the growth has been incredible.

So what say you? Do the most recent comments read a bit awkward to you?