Yesterday, NPR officially launched its new [‘Code Switch’]( blog, a team of folks dedicated to the evolving relationship between race and culture as it plays out in the headlines. And while they’ve been posting for a few days already – listen to their conversation about [Brad Paisley and LL Cool J’s ‘Accidental Racist’ debacle](…) – things got serious this morning with lead blogger Gene Demby’s inaugural multimedia longread for the site, the must-read 4,000-word [“When Our Kids Own America.”]( Demby, who also runs the indispensable [](, lays out reporting from across the nation and the Internet, from communities where appropriation and gentrification can no longer be thought of as black-and-white. In talking with linguists and teenagers alike about everything from Macklemore on the Billboard charts to Egyptian protesters getting arrested for doing the Harlem Shake, the story is complicated at minimum.