Hello, sweet Friday--and even sweeter ColorLines readers. Let's get right to it: if DREAM Act activists have their way, this week will go down in history as the week that the bill pushed through a gridlocked Congress to pass the Senate. On Tuesday Sen. Harry Reid, who's in the heated race back home in Nevada with Republican challenger Sharron Angle, announced that he would be introducing the bill that benefits almost a million undocumented youth as an amendment to the defense authorization bill. Since that day, DREAM Act activists have been flexing their considerable organizing muscle, clogging up the mailboxes of senators with tens of thousands of phone calls, hanging out in the offices of congressional leaders, and marching in the streets.

No matter which way it goes when the bill comes up for a cloture vote next Tuesday, the campaign to win the DREAM Act will always be remembered as a youth-driven movement. And Twitter played a not insignificant role in that. Here now, a collection of some of the DREAM Act chatter (and a smattering of unrelated tidbits) from the Twittersphere to send you off into the weekend.

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