Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire (Directed by Lee Daniels)

The film provoking the most discussion this year at Sundance is Push, the story of Clareece “Precious” Jones, a young woman who faces daily abuse at home and on the streets. Preserving her life through a vivid fantasy world in which she is a glamour girl beloved by all, Precious thrives in reality by forming an alternative family with her teacher and quirky classmates.

Director Lee Daniels elicits triumphant performances from Gabourey Sidibe (a talent to watch), Paula Patton, cast-against-type diva Mariah Carey, and comedian Mo’Nique (who was awarded Sundance’s special jury prize for acting). Push swept Sundance 2009 audiences, winning the audience award for drama and a grand jury prize. Lionsgate, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry have joined in an unprecedented partnership to distribute the film.