The Daily Show Hires 'Señor Latino Correspondent'

Too bad they still stumbled on immigration.

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Aliens vs President - Immigration Reform

And then they cut to a montage of right-wing elected officials and newscasters labeling any attempt at legalization "amnesty." The criticism of the far-right is spot on, but Obama's plan only appears "reasonable" in a xenophobic political climate that's swung so far to the right that Obama's insistent criminalization of undocumented immigrants comes out sounding rather compassionate. It's a shame that--and this may be more about my misplaced anger with the immigration debate in this country than the fault of the Daily Show--those are the parameters of the debate now. With Obama on one side and the right wing on the other, reason left the building a long time ago.

But still, where's the funny! I can't wait for Al Madrigal to bring the funny.