We cover a lot of tough topics here at Colorlines.com, many of them about urban communities that are, in one way or another, under siege–of joblessness, the war on drugs, deportation and more. We know that many of our readers see and experience the harsh realities of these things in their cities every day.

But it’s the summer, and we also know people still make it out of their homes everyday and do more than survive–they live, love and create community, at the beach, the ice cream shop and in the neighborhood park. We love summer in the city, too, so we’re celebrating it with images of urban community. 

And we need your help! We’ve culled images from our own cities–Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles–and we want you to add yours to it. Send pictures of what summer means to you–that can be you enjoying the summer, a nice sunset, kids playing at a park, anything that makes you happy this summer. You can send pictures or links of your pictures to me at jrivas@arc.org with the subject “Summer 2011.” (And so none of us get in trouble, please only send pictures you have permission to share and do let us know who to credit the photo to.) We’ll follow up and share them on Colorlines.


Families enjoy some time in the water in front of Jaume Plensa’s 50-foot glass block towers of flowing water that project video images of 1,000 different Chicagoans. Millenium Park, Chicago. (Photo by Velnich, C/C)


Maybe ice cream under some palm trees in Los Angeles is your thing? Send us a picture of you enjoying a frozen treat! (Photo by _e.t)


Maybe you can squeeze a bike ride in there so you don’t feel guilty about all the ice cream you eat. (Photo by Jorge Rivas)


Or yoga? Bernice Acosta performs yoga in Times Square during an event marking the summer solstice on June 21, 2011, in New York City. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)



Schoolkids go fishing on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. (Photos by Alex Wong/Getty Images)


Youth breakdancing from coast to coast. (Left image in San Francisco by Kevin Duffy. Right image in New York City subway by Annika Lidne.)


Hanging out and watching a pickup game of soccer in Patterson Park in Baltimore. (Photo by Stokely Baksh)