Amy Chua Tells Stephen Colbert He Too Can be a 'Tiger Mother'

The author puts her Harvard Law School degree to use and defends herself.

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Amy Chua

Chua promptly gave Colbert a "nooooooooooo!" She went on to explain that her book is a memoir, not a parenting guide. A parody of sorts, she says, meant to be funny.

She also said anyone can be what she calls a "Chinese Mother" if you teach your kids to work hard and not give up and blame others. "I think they're fundamental American values, ones championed by our Founding Fathers."

crt_chuachinese.jpgIt'll be interesting to hear what Chua tells potential readers in China when she begins promoting her book there.

The Chinese edition's title translates to "Being a Mom in America."

Apparently, these days, Western styles of parenting are in vogue in China.