A few weeks ago, I talked with Irma Yolanda by telephone. She’s one of the immigrant moms under house arrest now in Postville, Iowa since 900 ICE agents stormed a meatpacking plant in May and arrested nearly 400 people.

The part of the interview that broke my heart was hearing how Irma got used to wearing the electronic ankle bracelet that’s a mandatory part of her arrest. It made me think that the rest of us are getting used to living in a time when people can be arrested and marked like animals. We’re growing immune, I’m afraid, to these stories.

There’s 43 parents and 90 children right now in Iowa in this immigration limbo. To read Irma’s story, go to colorlines.com or straight to the story here.

Read this online at http://colorlines.com/archives/2008/08/moms_under_house_arrest.html

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