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Ijeoma Oluo, pushing up her glasses using her middle finger

The Most Important Thread on Black Women in Media That You'll Read Today

Ijeoma Oluo on her Rachel Dolezal profile: “Maybe next time pubs want a great piece on Black female identity that gets so much traffic it breaks the damn site, they’ll hire Black women.”

Empty swings

New Study Exposes Barriers That Block Girls of Color From Opportunity

The National Women’s Law Center’s latest report explores how trauma impacts the trajectories of Asian American and Pacific Islander, Black, Latinx and Native American girls.

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5 Films to Follow From The Tribeca Film Festival

The 15th annual edition of the New York City film festival will screen hundreds of narrative features, documentaries, shorts and other visual media projects through the end of the month. Here are just a few of the films you should see asap.

Black and Brown men in orange prison uniforms on white beds on grey floor

'13th' and 'O.J.: Made in America' Win Peabody Awards

Other winners in the public service and media awards' documentary category include "Hip-Hop Evolution" and "Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four."


Arts & Culture

Amid Black Erasure Controversy, 'Guerrilla' Premieres to Poor Numbers

Trump Presidency


ACLU Files 13 Lawsuits Against Government Related to Travel Ban

Police Violence

1 Teen, 6 Cops, 1 Bullet and 5 Years of a Black Family Screaming for Justice

Gender & Sexuality

New Study Exposes Barriers That Block Girls of Color From Opportunity